My path

When I was born, I was born ...
At 3 years, I surprised my mistress.
At 10 "I am an artist! ".
At 15 I hit a lot of techniques of expression and I discovered ... "strongly
I am big! ".
At 20 I want to express myself shouting loud ...
... But I do not know what to say, sing, draw, sculpt.
At 30 I belong to the business of advertising.
and I'm happy, I'm having.
At 40 I look pebbles
on my way, I sculpt.
Then bigger and even bigger.
I speak, I cry, I draw, I create
and that's an inexhaustible source
that came over me and I pour.
In 50 years ... I have 20 years.

My quest

I acquired techniques, my eye has exercised
watching basically my approach was purified and my respect.
The sense of aesthetics, balance
and freedom guide me to understand
the materials and space.
I like simple things
for I am awfully complicated.